Spoken English

Overcome the Hesitation to speak fluent English with Weston Overseas Study Abroad

Spoken English

Speaking English a must for every person who is pursuing higher study or is interested in studying abroad. It makes a very solid first impression. English has now become a global language. It is the most spoken language around the globe. In India also English is spoken and understood in vast area especially metro cities. It doesn’t matter that if you are a student, a working professional or a traveler English is required or is a necessity in today’s world.

Now the challenge arise that in a society where English is not much common or is a third language, people have shorthand in understanding and even reading English. Speaking English a different ball game altogether.

If you are planning to study abroad or travel abroad, English is the first hurdle in your path if you are not fluent in all the aspects of the language. That is why many countries require a student to clear IELTS/PTE exam in order to make sure the person can easily acclimatize in an English speaking country.

We at Weston overseas have very skilled and experienced teachers who focus on the weak points on individual students so that they can come over their weak points. We make a very comfortable environment that can make the hesitation of speaking English fade away. Usage of techniques like Group discussion, debate etc are used to make sure students interact more in English