New Zealand

Visa information, Countries Know how’s and other details summarized for your better understanding about Study in New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is yet another dream destination for study and travel for Indian students and travelers. It is a land of diverse culture and religion. It is considered one of the best countries to live in and for study.

New Zealand is yet another famous destination to study and tour by Indian students. It is a heavenly abode of nature and is a very beautiful country to live in. Its education system is British influenced so is easy to learn. It is just like the size of Japan and UK approx. It is based even further of southeast Australian coast.

Let’s get a brief view of New Zealand

Fact Sheet
New Zealand


Total area
2,68,021 sq. km

Area comparative
About the size of Japan & UK

4.72 Million

Population growth rate

Net migration rate
2.46 migrant(s)/1,000 population

Government type
Parliamentary democracy

GDP- Real growth rate

Employment rate

New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Now let’s have a brief know how of the factors about New Zealand.


The natives of Nz are also called “Kiwis” after their national bird. The people are very friendly and migrants take no time in adjusting with them. The population of Nz is around 4 millions so people and government welcome immigrants with open arms.

The Weather

The weather is as awesome as the native of New Zealand. The winters are not harsh with temp ranging from 10-12 C and very little snow in lower altitude. Winters last from June to August and summers from December to February. Because New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the average temperature decreases as you travel south. The north of New Zealand is subtropical and the south temperate. The warmest months are December, January and February, and the coldest June, July and August. In summer, the average maximum temperature ranges between 20 – 30ºC and in winter between 10 – 15ºC..

The educational system

With One of the finest Education systems New Zealand is a very famous study destination for International students from around the world. They Follow British Based Education System which is easier to follow and low on cost.

Best Travel Destination

New Zealand is also an adventure land. From Mountains to hike and beaches to enjoy, It has a lot to offer. New Zealand Visitor visa can really make your holidays a memory for lifetime. If you love adventure you will love New Zealand.

Work opportunities

Due to low population there is ample work for everyone. Every country has to offer a lot to its people and with low population the country has a lot of jobs and business opportunities with everyone and avail. If you are a international student after you graduate, you can work in the country for up to a year. If the job you are working at is related to the degree that you received, you can actually apply to get permanent residency

Ease of getting visa and residency

The visa acquisition process is incredibly simple, and unlike many other countries, you will not be rejected right away. You get to talk to people and tell them your side of the story if there is something that may prevent you from getting a visa to come into the country. If you can explain why you’ve decided to go down there and your international studies program helps you to create a Statement of Purpose you will usually get a visa. The country is welcome to immigration, more so than almost any other country in the world.

Study in New Zealand offers huge benefits to international students. New Zealand is very popular among international students all over the world. Students get a British-based education that is easy to follow for students. The degrees are recognized around the world as being up-to-date. The tuition fee is some of the lowest in the world. Even for getting this recognition around the world as high-quality education hub the New Zealand government goes so far for checking each and every course, program, and certificate.

The top reasons for you to study in New Zealand are as follows:

  1. It has clean, green, friendly and unique atmosphere
  2. It is a high-quality, cost-effective study abroad destination
  3. The people are warmhearted and friendly
  4. Its climate is moderate all year around
  5. There are limitless sports, recreation and leisure opportunities
  6. NZ has a British-based education system

Rent (per month) $800–$950
Groceries (per week) $100–$150
Gym membership (per year) $300
Entertainment (per week) $50
Milk (per litre) $3
Coca Cola (per can) $2
Cup of Coffee $3–$5
Lunch from University food hall or campus café $7–$12
Local calls made from a cell-phone $0.50–$1.50
Taxi – 5 km ride $10–$12
Movie ticket $10–$14
Visit to doctor $45–$85

General Requirements

  • A completed application form
  • Two passport-sized colour photographs (less than 6 months old)
  • If you have old passports, copies of those
  • If you have previously studied overseas, documentary evidence of previous visa declines and/or copies of endorsed visas/biometric cards issued
  • Application fee: Up-to-date fees can be found at the Office and Fees finder
  • VAC Service Fee: Refer to
  • Statement of purpose explaining why you chose your course and your future career plan
  • Offer of place from New Zealand education provider
  • A completed external English Language Proficiency Test:
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS: Academic)
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT)
    • Occupational English Test (OET)
    • Cambridge English: First (FCE) and FCE for Schools
    • Pearson Test of English: Academic (PTE: Academic)
    • Test results must be no more than 2 years old at the time the application is lodged. For External English Language Proficiency Tests such as Pearson, please ensure that access is provided for verification/authentication

  • If you have if you have previously studied or worked, evidence of qualifications and work experience. Documents must include all mark sheets, certificates, salary account statements, salary slips, experience/promotion/relieving letters, Income Tax Returns, Form 16, etc
  • For returning students, provide evidence of satisfactory progress. This can include academic transcripts or a letter from the education provider

Funds Requirements

  • A fully completed Financial Undertaking Form INZ 1014 or Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry INZ 1025 from guarantors residing in New Zealand
  • Evidence of funds to cover full tuition fee. Please note we accept only funds from your immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, and parents-in-law).
  • Please ensure relevant documents are submitted to establish the relationship between yourself and your sponsor. We do not accept Voter ID, Ration Card, academic documents or driving licenses as evidence of relationship. Documents such as copy of passport (bio-pages), Aadhar Card, birth certificate, etc. are acceptable

  • Evidence of funds for maintenance:
    • For courses longer than 9 months (36 weeks or longer) you must show evidence of funds of NZ$15,000 for living expenses.
    • For shorter courses you must show evidence of at least NZ$1,250 per month.

    Funds for the first year should be readily available liquid funds.

    Acceptable evidence of funds includes – original bank deposit certificate; education loan sanction letter from a nationalised or multi-national bank only, with security against fixed asset(s) belonging to the applicant or sponsor; bank statement(s) for yourself or acceptable sponsor(s) for past 6 months; fixed deposits at least 6 months old; public/employee provident fund accounts supported by documents pertaining to employment.

  • For programme scholarship students, letter of offer from New Zealand education provider detailing the scholarship and dates of the
  • Payment plan for courses of more than one year can include sponsor’s tax return showing income and saving patterns, EPF/GPF accumulated over a period of one year, fixed deposit due to mature in the following year, savings account statement with source of recent funds (if any)
  • Letter from parents or your financial sponsor detailing gross annual income, length of employment and position held, personal tax records, etc., and for self-employed sponsors evidence of business registration and recent business tax returns with income statement
  • Documentary evidence of identity of guarantor including date of birth, proof of signature and full contact details including telephone numbers e.g. Pan Card, Aadhar Card or passport. Please note that a Voter ID card is not acceptable evidence of identity
  • A cover letter providing details of the funds evidence and explaining the source of funds as well as relationship of the applicant with the sponsors

Health and Character Requirements

  • If you are intending to stay in New Zealand for more than 6 months, an eMedical Chest X-Ray certificate issued by one of our appointed panel physicians. Please note, if you applied for a student visa more than 6 months ago and were unsuccessful, you must provide a new Chest X-Ray Certificate (less than 3 months old) with your application
  • If you are intending to stay in New Zealand for more than 24 months provide police certificates from:
    • For courses longer than 9 months (36 weeks or longer) you must show evidence of funds of NZ$15,000 for living expenses.
  • All countries of citizenship, and
  • Any countries in which you have lived for five years or more since the age of 17 years.

Step 1: Apply for Admission in College/University

Step 2: Undertake Medical and PCC

Step 3: Visa Lodgment


Step 5: New Pathway Student Visa Pilot – Less Paperwork, Less Hassle

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  • Completed visa application form
  • Valid travel document (passport)
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • A valid return ticket or certificate of prepaid return journey
  • Proof of access to sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses
  • Letter of acceptance from a Maltese educational institute
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements on arrival
  • Proof of medical insurance for duration of your stay

  • We help you to decide about your desired country, College/university in our one to one counseling sessions
  • We provide all the in and outs of visa filling process like visa filling checklist that needs to be followed and we arrange all the documents on your behalf for you visa filing.
  • From Getting offer from your college to lodging your visa file e do all the hard work We will notify you as soon as we get to know the outcome of your application for your study Visa and you can then collect your passport/Visa.
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