Visa information, Countries Know how’s and other details summarized for your better understanding about Study in Cyprus


Cyprus is a land of diversity opportunity and culture. To live in a different country with different geography and culture one has to adapt to major climate, cultural changes. To help you adapt to Cyprus, We have accumulated some points to give a brief know how about living in Cyprus:

Cyprus is the eastern most islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the third largest in the Mediterranean. It is only 40 miles (60 km) south of Turkey and 60 miles (100 km) west of Syria and Lebanon. The capital and largest city is Nicosia and it is the only remaining divided capital in the world. The division occurred when Turkey invaded the island in May of 1974. Other important cities are six administrative districts. Paphos, Limas sol, Larnaca and Nicosia are in the south government controlled areas. Famagusta and Keryneia are in the northern Turkish controlled area. Two mountain ranges (Troodos on the south-central part and Kyrenia mountains run along the northern coast of the island.) traverse the island from east to west; the highest point is Mt. Olympus in the southwest.

Population and Language of Cyprus

As of the end of 2016, the population was 1.7 million.

The official language is Greek but Turkish is also spoken – mainly in the North. English is also widely spoken with street signs and documents are in English.

Here are five reasons I recommend studying abroad in Cyprus.

  1. Nobody really knows where or what it is.
  2. You will find many people studying in Australia, Canada or New Zealand but very few or none from Cyprus. It will be a one of a kind experience.

  3. The price of living in Cyprus is incredibly reasonable.
  4. It’s easy to eat cheaply, taxis charge fairly, and once you start getting to know the locals you’ll barely pay a dime for the nightlife.

    You literally have the world at your fingertips.

  5. You’ll get to experience more of one country than you could anywhere else.
  6. Cyprus is very small in area which means we can cover almost all the tourist place quick. After a semester in Cyprus, it’ll really start to feel like your home away from home.

  7. There’s a reason Cyprus is a vacation destination.
  8. It has many fancy beaches which offer a lot like jet skiing cliff diving and ocean swimming.

  9. You’ll meet people from all over the world.
  10. As a very famous travel destination and a study destination for students people around the globe visit and study in Cyprus.

General Requirements

International students in Australia are given 20 hrs in a week to work and manage to generate some money to bear the expenses of living. This provides a very good exposure to any international student to learn the culture of natives and also makes them comfortably cross the language barrier.

  • A passport of the applicant, valid for at least 1 year validity.
  • Photocopy of Passport.
  • Four recent passport-sized photographs with a white background.
  • A duly signed application form and its photocopies.
  • Attested original academic certificates.


  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the living expenses during the stay.
  • Certificate of good conduct from police department from the home country of the applicant with six month validity.
  • Certificate of Admission from the University.
  • University receipts of the amount paid to the university.
  • Evidence of work experience (if any).
  • Three letters of reference from the institution where you have studied.
  • Statement of Purpose describing your purpose of applying to the program chosen, explaining your motivation as well as the areas of specialization which would be of interest to you within the discipline.


  • Attested Bank Letter (6 months validity period) stating that the applicant’s sponsor has the financial ability to support his/her living, tuition and repatriation expenses.
  • Sponsor may only be Father/ Mother/Self. In case of another Sponsor, please supply Court affidavit. The letter must also clearly state the relationship between Sponsor and student.
  • Supporting bank statement (1 month validity).


  • To study in Cyprus an applicant do not need a proof of English language proficiency, however having a valid score card can add on his profile.