Visa information, Countries Know how’s and other details summarized for your better understanding about Study in Australia


Australia is a land of diversity opportunity and culture. To live in a different country with different geography and culture one has to adapt to major climate, cultural changes. To help you adapt to Australia, We have accumulated some points to give a brief know how about living in Australia:

Map and Climate

The climate in Australia varies widely depending on the area, as Australia consists of a variety of environments: from beaches to deserts to grazing lands to coral reefs. So It might take some time to accustom yourself to the place your are living.

People and Culture

Australia is an extremely culturally diverse country. As they are home to different cultures and religion International students who study in Australia will find themself studying in a fascinating and diverse environment.


The First thing that comes to a parents or student’s mind when they get serious about studying abroad is accommodation. Most of the students live off-campus in home stay programs, hostels, or rental/ Paying guest properties. Whereas many universities/colleges provide students with housing/hostel options, which allow international students to socialize and more comfortable with Australian students during their studies.

Money Matters

Tuition fee in Australia is generally less expensive than tuition in other Countries, but it is still important for international students to budget and be careful with their financial options.

Visa Requirements

The Australian Government allows people who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia to study in Australia. There are several requirements that can be considered and must be known to make your stay easy and affordable.

Below are some of the facts about Australia in brief.


Parliamentary Democracy (Federal Constitutional Monarchy)

Currency Australian dollar ($, AUD)

water: 58,920km²
land: 7,682,300km²

Population Au vs IN
24,626,517 (census 2017) vs 169,993

Language English (spoken by everyone), numerous other languages spoken. Aboriginal Australian languages still spoken in some Aboriginal communities even though many of these languages have been lost.

240V, 50Hz (plug Type I)

Internet TLD

UTC +8 to +10

dial 000

When we think of Australia, we imagine wide open spaces of outback bush, kangaroos, koalas and clean air and water. However, Australia has so much more to offer than just that! Many international students are choosing to study in Australia because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living. Lets spare some time in going through some of the worth mentioning points about Australia

Australia has quickly gained students attention in becoming one of the most desired study abroad destinations for Indian students. Like India many other students from different countries choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly people, and high quality of education.

Global Recognition

Almost all of the schools/colleges/universities/job providers accepts the education certificates provided by Australians education providers. Graduates from Australian colleges and universities are always in high demands by the employers. This demand and supply is monitored by the Australian government and hence the education standards are almost equal in all the universities and colleges.

Cost of Living

Australia is not very expensive as shown in some of the myths but it is certainly not the cheapest. But Living expenses and tuition fee are much lower in Australia as compared to other destinations like USA and UK. International students are allowed to work part time simultaneously while studying, allowing them to make money for their living costs. There are also the possibilities of scholarships in universities, which can help international student to minimize the fees and living cost altogether.

Diversity of Education

Australia has to offer a wide variety of course based on a person’s interest and past studies in Universities and colleges. In application process first step is to identify a course that fits best with the educational background of the student and also interests his/her future. Students can also choose between universities, vocational education, and English language training. Also Australian Education system has given leverage to students to change the institution of their desire between different levels of study.


One of the most fascinating things about Australia is the technological advancement in scientific research fields. The students have an opportunity to work on all the latest equipment and learn the implementation of the latest technology in real time environment.


International students in Australia are given 20 hrs in a week to work and manage to generate some money to bear the expenses of living. This provides a very good exposure to any international student to learn the culture of natives and also makes them comfortably cross the language barrier.

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Visa process should start at least 12-14 weeks before your intake date.

You will need the following documents for your visa application:

  • Visa application form ( Filled by the help of our experienced staff)
  • Visa application fee
  • Four passport-sized photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (after you have successfully applied to the institute of your choice)
  • IELTS result (Exam booking is also one service offered by us)
  • Academic and work experience documents
  • Statement of purpose
  • Evidence of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents, return airfare).

For more details please book and appointment or give a call to our visa counselors.

Medical Exam is mandatory, HAP id is generated after receiving ECOE which is shared with the paneled Doctor and Medical is done.

Your application will be allocated a unique Transaction Reference Number (TRN) by the Australian Government by which you can easily tracked online.

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